We’ll be opening up applications for speaking slots, readers and vendors REALLY soon. There’s a new crew at the helm and we want to explain how the process will work this year, which may vary from how things happened for past EMPPD events.


You can apply to present as many sessions as you’d like. Workshops should be about 50 minutes long. If your proposal is accepted, you’ll have the opportunity to set up a tent where you may vend, do readings, etc. at no charge.  You’re responsible for supplying your own tent, table, chairs and other necessities, which must fit within a 10 foot by 10 foot space. Presentations will take place outdoors, so there will be no access to electricity or AV equipment.

You’ll apply online here and a panel of reviewers will evaluate your application. We’ll let you know if your application has been accepted or not (and if not, we’ll do our best to offer some insight into why). If you’re accepted, we’ll send you a presenter contract. Once we receive your signed contract, we’ll confirm that we’ve gotten it, add your info to the website and start promoting your participation in EMPPD. Yay!

Readers & Vendors

Past participants get a window to apply to renew their participation at a discounted rate before we open up applications to new vendors. To qualify as a past participant, your name/business must appear in the program guide from one of the last four EMPPD events. You’ll apply online here and a panel of reviewers will evaluate your application. Please note that past participation does not guarantee acceptance into this year’s event. We’ll let you know if your application has been accepted or not. If you’re accepted, we’ll send you a contract and an invoice. Once we receive your signed contract and payment, we’ll confirm that we’ve gotten it, add your info to the website, and start promoting your participation in EMPPD. Whoo-hoo!

Please note that we do not accept MLMs (multi-level marketing organizations) as vendors.

Note to readers:

We’ll be capping the number of readers at five total, which provides a nice variety for our guests while limiting direct competition among readers. If you’re planning to do readings only, you’ll get a card-table sized space in the castle. You’re welcome to offer multiple types of readings – we encourage this, as it means we can give our guests access to a variety of options. We’re looking for a variety of reading modalities:

  • * card readings
  • * mediumship
  • * astrology
  • * pendulum readings
  • * palmistry
  • * aura readings/photography
  • * crystal readings
  • * rune casting
  • * bone readings
  • * other divination systems

Since we’re limiting the number of readers and looking for variety, past participation as a reader does not guarantee your spot. For example, if you’re applying as a tarot reader and we’ve already accepted one reader who offers card readings and someone else who reads cards and does mediumship, you probably won’t get in. If you apply as a tarot reader who also does palmistry or rune readings? The odds just shifted in your favor.

Q&A about this year’s application process:

Q. Do I have to use the online application form? Can’t you just pull information from my previous application?

A. Yes, you need to use the online application form. This ensures the volunteers choosing presenters, readers and vendors have all the information we need to be able to evaluate your application fairly and quickly. It also saves time getting your info up on the website and means we’re less likely to make mistakes typing (or misreading handwriting). In addition, online applications are less likely to be eaten by curious familiars, accidentally burned by candle spells, rendered illegible by potion spills… you get the gist.

Q. Why not accept applications on a first-come, first served basis?

A.  We want our event to represent the broad range of pagan traditions, crafts, crafters and businesses in our region. The best way to do that is through thoughtful curation and outreach. We have a limited number of spaces. While healthy competition is a good thing, weighing our market too heavily with vendors in any one category ultimately attracts a narrower audience. For us to grow and sustain interest over time, we need familiar vendors with loyal customers as well as new vendors who create intrigue to help build our audience. That means we don’t want to skew too heavily toward any one type of product or pagan belief system.

Q. What factors besides variety influence reader/vendor/presenter selection?

A. We’re looking for partners who:

  • * build community
  • * present themselves and their offerings well
  • * are reliable

Here’s what community-building looks like: You don’t have to have a zillion social media followers and post 40 times a day. However, it’s cool if you mention that you’ll be at EMPPD and you’re excited about it. Know someone who’d be a great speaker? Encourage them to propose a workshop. Add the event listing to your facebook page or website. Post to the event feed with pictures of what you’ll be offering. Shout out other partners you enjoy… a simple, “Hey I’m really excited to see so-and-so at EMPPD this year!” helps build enthusiasm. Take postcards promoting the event and hand them out to your clients. Talk the event up in person. It all adds up.

Presentation: can people quickly figure out what you do? If you’re a vendor, do you have a visually appealing display that showcases your items with care? Does your space invite people in? Can customers find prices easily? Are you engaging and willing to answer questions… even the same ones over and over again? Watch for another blog post soon describing how to create an inviting display.

Reliability: When you agree to participate in events, you’re saying you’ll show up on time, stay until the end, pay what you owe (including any raffle donations), meet registration and payment deadlines and respect the terms of your contract. Honor those commitments and do the things you agreed to do. Easy!

Still have questions? Email info@easternmasspaganpride.org.