We’re starting 2021 with a new logo to help bring some fresh energy to our event! Having both a square and a rectangular option provides the flexibility to work well in a variety of situations. Clean and modern, the new logo incorporates elements that reflect our region and community:

  1. The blue colors and flowing font in the word “eastern” represent the ocean and rivers that shape our landscape.
  2. The waxing moon suggests a phase of growth, while the three stars represent community. The yellow color is often associated with the sacral chakra or center of will; will and intention are crucial components in any magickal practice.
  3. The pine tree brings in the earth element that’s such a vital part of many pagan traditions; it also celebrates longevity and our community’s deep roots.


The new logo is just the beginning of what we’ve got planned for the coming year. We’re looking forward to exciting growth in 2021.